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Gemstone Folklore


AGATE: Agates are multi-banded colorful stones that occur in volcanic lava. Found in an amazing variety of patterns, it's believed to be a powerful healing stone and fortifier. Agate symbolizes the third eye. In antiquity, it was worn as an amulet and believed to be the stone of prosperity.


AMBER: Amber is organic fossilized tree resin that is 40 to 50 million years old. Colors are light honey gold to gold red and green. Like a time capsule, air bubbles, plants and primeval insects are sometimes trapped inside and preserved, making the amber highly prized. The most famous deposits are in the Baltic region. Amber is believed to sharpen the senses, correct imbalances and soothe the heart. When rubbed, amber produces an electrical charge.


AMAZONITE: A form of blue-green feldspar, this stone was named after the legendary country of the Indian Amazons. Amazonite is said to promote confidence, vitality and restorative sleep if placed under a pillow. Ancient Egyptians considered it a holy stone; also used to stimulate powers of clairvoyance and fortune-telling.


AMETHYST: An excellent spiritual and meditation stone, amethyst is crystalline quartz of purple and lavender. One of the oldest precious stones known, amethyst was believed to encourage sobriety and inner peace by the ancient Greeks. Also believed to ease headaches and prevent nightmares. Some of the largest amethyst deposits are in Brazil.


AMETRINE: A very powerful stone that is a mixture of amethyst and citrine. Ametrine helps you to take control of your life, and encourages exploration of all possibilities. It stimulates creativity, perception, and enhances compatibility. This rare gem was first brought to Europe by conquistadors.


ANDALUSITE: See Chiastolite.


ANGELITE: This pale blue and white stone is also known as anhydrite. Angelite is a stone of awareness. It enhances perception, compassion, and telepathy. It's a stone of deep peace and it helps you to speak your own truth.


APATITE: A crystal that occurs in shades of aqua blue, green, brown, and yellow. Apatite is a stone for intelligence and seeing the truth. It clears confusion and puts you at ease in social situations. It also enhances psychic abilities. Apatite was traditionally worn for healing and communication.


APOPHYLLITE: A white or pale green mineral with cube or pyramid-shaped crystals. This crystal is for introspection and intuition. It creates a strong connection between the physical and spiritual realms. It is a very powerful healer, helping to calm and release supressed emotions. Also known as zeolite.


AQUAMARINE: A light blue member of the beryl family, aquamarine'jewel of the mermaid and stone of the seafaring traveler'is a highly mystic stone. It symbolizes peace and clarity and encourages calmness, tranquility and hope.


ARAGONITE: A spiky hexagonal crystal occuring in shades of brown, white, or blue. Aragonite is for patience and tranquility. It's a strong grounding stone, reducing stress and dispelling anger. Aragonite is great for problem-solving. The stone is named after the city of Aragon in Spain, where it was first discovered.


AVENTURINE: A type of green quartz with mica inclusions, it is a strong healer for the physical body. Aventurine alleviates doubt, anxiety and stress; also a good luck amulet for career, prosperity, adventure and travel.


AZURITE: This dark-blue copper-based mineral symbolizes insight, spiritual awareness and psychic ability. Very potent in clearing mental blocks and speeding up the healing process.


AZURITE-MALACHITE: When brilliant blue azurite and rich green malachite form together, the stone is called azurite-malachite. This stone is great for expanding the mind, bringing about understanding and developing intuition. It dispels arrogance and vanity, and alleviates shyness.


BISMUTH: A crystal with step-like formations and rainbow iridescence. Bismuth is a stone of transformation. It brings wisdom and orderliness. It helps one to feel more in connection with the universe, and build stronger relationships. Bismuth has been known since ancient times.


BLACK STONE: One of the jaspers, black stone repels negativity, encourages protection and grounds personal energy.


BLUE CALCITE: A type of calcite with more gentle energies, blue calcite is a great stone for relaxation. It improves communication and relieves anxiety. Also good for intuition.


BLOODSTONE: This dark green jasper is spotted with red which resembles blood, giving the stone its name. In the Middle Ages, bloodstone was attributed with special powers as the red swirls were thought to be the blood of Christ. Believed to strengthen the immune system, bloodstone is also an excellent stone for the heart.


BLUE LACE AGATE: A type of agate with pale blue and white banding. Blue lace agate is good for communication, stability, and tranquility.


BLUE QUARTZ: An opaque quartz that occurs in many shades of blue. Blue quartz symbolizes self-expression, hope, and the ability to stand up for yourself.


BOTSWANA AGATE: A type of agate found only in Botswana, this stone has banding of pink, gray, purple, or white. Botswana agate is good for protection, creativity, and finding solutions to problems. It's also helpful for those who want to quit smoking.


BRECCIATED JASPER: A deep red stone swirled with white, yellow, and brown banding, brecciated jasper promotes mental clarity. It's also good for protection and attaining emotional stability. Brecciated jasper was a favored stone in ancient times.


BRONZITE: A stone speckled with shimmery browns and grays. Bronzite is for power and certainty in taking control of your actions. It boosts self-confidence and decision-making abilities.


CALCITE: A very powerful amplifier and cleanser of energies. Calcite protects, calms, and stabilizes. It helps memory, analysis, and it teaches you to trust yourself. Calcite comes in a variety of different colors, all of which have additional properties.


CANDLE QUARTZ: An opaque white quartz that resembles a candle. Candle quartz is said to be one of the most ancient kinds of quartz. It is a stone of insight, giving us a greater understanding of ourselves. It raises confidence, sensitivity, and transforms uncertainty into hope. Candle quartz is associated with the faerie realm, and is said to keep us in good relations with the little people.


CARNELIAN: This orange variety of chalcedony is one of the oldest power and protective stones in history. In ancient Egypt, it was placed in tombs as a magic armor for life after death. Carnelian is believed to be a help in circulatory disturbances and to exert a harmonizing effect on sexuality. It can awaken new vitality and heighten creativity.


CELESTITE: A pale blue crystal, celestite's name comes from the Latin word for "of the sky". It has strong angelic energy. Celestite brings spiritual development, deep peace, and balance. It helps with conflict resolution and sharpens the mind. Celestite is said to have come from the stars, bearing the wisdom of the ages.


CHALCEDONY: A translucent stone that can be found in all colors, including mint green and pastel blue. Chalcedony is a very calming and nurturing stone. It brings harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Chalcedony erases hostility and instills joy and benevolence. Native Americans used this gemstone in spiritual ceremonies.


CHAROITE: A rare purple stone found only in Russia, charoite is for transformation. It boosts intuition, analysis, and clairvoyance. It also helps you to move forward in life, break old cycles, and dispel fear.


CHIASTOLITE: A brown or olive green stone with a black cross pattern in the center. A very powerful protector, chiastolite transforms negativity into positivity. It's a stone for facilitating understanding, problem solving, and it dispels guilt. It was traditionally used to ward off the evil eye. Chiastolite is also called cross stone or andalusite.


CHRYSOCOLLA: A green-blue copper-based stone, chrysocolla is said to strengthen intuition and lower stress. Said to be a balance stone for the soul and excellent for goddess energy.


CHRYSOPRASE: A beautiful quartz which comes in shades of spring green, apple green, and lemon. Chrysoprase symbolizes trust, security, hope, and acceptance. It relieves anxiety and promotes restful sleep.


CITRINE: A golden yellow variety of quartz, citrine is a powerful stone that brings sun and warmth into the heart. It works especially well with nervousness and unrest, and promotes self-confidence and renewed determination.


COPPER PYRITE: Also known as chalcopyrite, copper pyrite is a heavy stone with a bright brassy color. It's a good stone for perception. It removes energy blocks and improves the flow of chi. Copper pyrite has long been one of the most useful minerals in the world.


CORAL: Organic in nature, coral comes to us from the living sea as fossilized remains of sea creatures. Highly venerated by Tibetans and Native Americans as a symbol of vitality, coral symbolizes joy of life. Thought to protect against negative energy, coral is also believed to benefit blood and circulation disorders.


DALMATION JASPER: A cream-colored jasper with black spots, named after the breed of dog. Dalmation jasper balances out yin and yang. It protects, helps you to achieve your goals, and stimulates learning. This is a good stone for relationships.


DANBURITE: A pale pink, yellow, lilac, or white mineral with striated crystals. Danburite is a very spiritual stone that clarifies the aura. It is for serenity, wisdom, and guidance. Danburite helps change stubborn minds and leave the past behind.


DENDRITIC AGATE: A clear or light-colored stone with fern-like markings. Dendritic agate symbolizes abundance. It encourages peace, stability, and perseverance.


DIAMOND: A brilliantly clear precious stone, diamonds bring love and clarity into relationships. They amplify energy and attract abundance. Diamonds also impart fortitude, fearlessness, and bring about new beginnings. In medieval times, diamonds were thought to heal wounds and counteract poison.


EMERALD: Ever since the Stone Age, emerald has been regarded as the most divine of all precious stones. This gemstone is magnificent for regeneration and rejuvenation and deserves special attention for its healing effect on vision. The emerald promotes harmony and hope.


EMERALD CALCITE: A type of green calcite. Emerald calcite is a great stone for communication. It helps boost debating skills. It's very soothing and it also helps strengthen the immune system.


EPIDOTE: Epidote is a friendship stone. It helps with finding something that is lost, and helps with vision as to what comes next. Epidote is also a great de-stresser and promotes good health.


FIRE AGATE: An agate with swirling shades of orange and brown, and luminescent flashes of color. It is a stone for safety and security. It reflects negativity back to it's source. Fire agate calms the mind and aids introspection.


FLUORITE: Its wide range of colors, yellow, blue, purple and green, make fluorite a stone with which all energy blockages can be treated. Also good for meditation, concentration and inspiration, and useful in opening the spirit. The Chinese have used fluorite in carvings for numerous centuries.


FOSSIL: Fossils include ammonites, trilobites, orthoceras, and shark's teeth, plus many others. They tap into millions of years of wisdom and life experience. Fossils are also for protection, and fossilized bones and teeth symbolize strength.


GARNET: Known as the stone of fire, garnet forms at very high temperatures, often in close proximity to volcanic activity. Garnets come in a variety of colors and are believed to symbolize fidelity, passion, faith, strength and determination. Placed wherever a lack of energy exists, the fiery garnet is said to be a starter motor for the body's repair mechanisms.


GASPEITE: A very rare turquoise-like mineral that occurs in brilliant greens. It's a great stone for assurance, and opening the mind to new possibilities. It attracts friendship, success, and it is a good de-stresser. The Aborigines wore gaspeite to bring good fortune.


GEODE: Geodes are naturally occurring crystals that form inside a stone. They can come in many different colors and combinations. They're great stones of protection and decision-making. They aid in communication and help you to shape your own future.


GOLDEN CALCITE: Calcite in a shade of golden yellow. This type of calcite is great for happiness and willpower. It boosts motivation and helps you attune to higher mental planes.


GOLDSTONE: Goldstone is a type of glass with copper speckled throughout. While goldstone itself is not a natural gem, the copper in it has healing properties. Copper is energizing, it imparts confidence, and it helps circulation.


GREEN TREE AGATE: An opaque agate with with green and white patterns that look like foliage. Green tree agate is for vitality. It connects you to the energies of nature and helps you to find the positive side of any situation. A powerful earth-healer and protection stone.


HEMATITE: Dark, silvery black on the outside showing a dark red color when cut into thin slices, hematite was regarded as the stone of the warrior because of its healing properties. Wise men of the Orient regarded it as a lucky stone to ward off the evil eye and in legal matters. Hematite represents firmness, strength, power and dedication; a magnificent grounding stone.


HOWLITE: An opaque white or blue stone with gray veins. Howlite is extremely calming. It enhances wisdom, communication, and patience. It also helps to determine and achieve ambitions.


Imperial Topaz: is known to remove bad dreams, increase charisma, and bring love the the wearer. It also brings protection from envy.


IOLITE: Also known as water sapphire, this violet blue gem has gentle, wisdom-inspiring, patient, kind and psychic energies. A magnificent stone for combating stress.


IRON PYRITE: A metallic gold-like mineral that forms in cubes, clusters, or flattened sun shapes. Iron pyrite is a very energetic stone. It overcomes inertia, plus it boosts confidence and mental activity. It's also for happiness and good luck.


JADE: It has long been revered as the stone of peace, wisdom and true love in China. Each color has its own special vibration: Green is long life, true love, wisdom. Red is especially good for women's health and physical stress. Lavender eases emotional strain. White relaxes nerves. Jade symbolizes overall renewal and is still considered a lucky stone worn as an amulet. Carved by the Chinese for over 2000 years.


JASPER: This chalcedony occurs in many shades of brown, red and green and has always been said to have magic powers. Jasper symbolizes willpower. Red jasper strengthens stamina, stimulates sexuality and fertility. Yellow strengthens the immune system. Brown encourages stability and healing. Leopard relaxes tension, relieves fatigue and stimulates the imagination. Fancy jasper stabilizes shaky nerves.


JUNGLE JASPER: A light green jasper with spots and bands of dark green. Jungle jasper gives a sense of inner peace and happiness. It promotes attunement with nature. Considered a sacred stone by the Native Americans.


KYANITE: Found in a wide range of colors, unpolished kyanite forms in long, thin crystals. Polished kyanite has a beautiful pearly sheen. It's for wisdom, tranquility, self-expression, and perseverance. Kyanite enhances psychic abilities and frees energy blockages.


LABRADORITE: This feldspar, with its shimmering play of rainbow colors, encourages intuition, inspiration, fantasy, and creativity. Labradorite is considered the stone of the present and the future--possessing the power to animate amazing energy.


LAPIS LAZULI: The legends surrounding this rich blue stone date back to 5000 BC. It was the stone of the ancient rulers. Burial objects made of lapis lazuli were found in ancient royal tombs. Many powers are attributed to lapis including wisdom, spiritual growth, protection, psychic ability, and truth.


LARIMAR: Believed to be a lucky stone with healing properties, larimar is thought to be the only remaining vestige of the legendary island Atlantis. Its light blue/green color embodies the vastness of the sky and sea and symbolizes boundlessness and immensity; a creativity stone, also known as the dolphin stone.


LAWRENCITE: A grayish-green stone with large red patches, lawrencite is also known as African bloodstone or dragon stone. This stone is a very powerful healer. It boosts strength and energy, and cleanses the body.


LEPIDOLITE: A lilac or pink-colored mica. Lepidolite helps reduce stress, and stimulates intelligence and analysis. It's a great calming stone and especially good for times of transition.


MAGNETITE: A black or dark brown stone also known as lodestone. Magnetite attracts love, commitment, and loyalty. It alleviates negative emotions while bringing out positive ones. Magnetite is also good for telepathy and meditation. Mariners from long ago used this stone to magnetize their compasses.


MAHOGANY OBSIDIAN: A rich reddish-brown obsidian with black speckles. Mahogany obsidian has a more gentle energy than black obsidian. It grounds and protects, bringing vitality and strength in times of need. A sacred stone in Hawaiian folklore.


MALACHITE: Carved or polished, it reveals alternating bands of light and dark green. Ancient Egyptians used malachite, in amulets and even pulverized it for use in eye makeup. Zaire is the most important producer of this concentration stone; also said to be a powerful career and money stone.


MOLDAVITE: A rare, dark green tektite. Moldavite is formed when meteorites hit the earth and fuse with it. This stone brings you into communication with the higher self. It's for spiritual growth, empathy, and compassion. Moldavite facilitates contact with cosmic messengers, and takes you beyound your boundaries. It's been used since ancient times as a talisman for good luck.


MOOKAITE JASPER: A variety of jasper from Australia with patterns in red, cream, yellow, and brown. Mookaite is a stone for decision-making. It helps you to find new ideas and perspectives when confronted with a challenge. It's traditionally been used as a talisman for protection.


MOONSTONE: Associated in antiquity with the moon, it has always been the stone of love and lovers. Moonstones are believed to promote fertility and bring inner harmony. It's moon-like light changes with movement and illumination. Also known as a soul stone, it is said to be excellent for attracting love and goddess energy.


MOSS AGATE: A green or reddish stone with moss-like inclusions, moss agate is said to refresh the soul. It's great for self-esteem, prosperity, tranquility, and communication. It also helps connect intelligence with intuition.


MUGGLE STONE: A multi-colored mixture of hematite and jasper. Muggle stones are great for organization and completing tasks. They help calm down quarrels and provide magnificient grounding and protection energy.


NEBULA STONE: A black stone with gray-green swirls reminiscent of galaxies. Nebula stones are a rare and unique mixture of many minerals. They are for intelligence, inspiration, and freedom of thought. Excellent for meditation and accessing the akashic records.


OBSIDIAN: In the Stone Age, it was used to make weapons and arrowheads; obsidian is formed from volcanic lava and comes in brown, gray, black and spotted--as in snowflake obsidian. A protection stone, obsidian deflects negativity and sends it back to its source; also believed to help alleviate anxiety attacks.


OCEAN JASPER: Also known as orbicular jasper, ocean jasper comes in a wide range of colors. It has small spots and circular patterns that resemble seafoam. Strongly healing, it brings peace of mind. Ocean jasper symbolizes strength and love of self.


ONYX: Onyx is a stone that can occur in all colors. It gives strength, vigor, steadfastness, and heals grief. It promotes confidence and helps integrate dualities within the self. Black onyx deflects negative energy and protects from harm.


OPAL: In mythology, the gods believed opal was the embodiment of the beauty of all precious stones. Precious opal shows amazing iridescent flashes of color as it is viewed from different angles. Australia has been the main producer of fine opals since the 19th century. Symbols of eternal hope, opals are useful for dream work, meditation, psychic development and they are given as gifts of true love.


ORANGE CALCITE: This orange-hued stone is extremely energizing and motivating. Orange calcite is great for stabilizing the emotions and it removes fear.


PEARL: Pearls come to us from the living sea. Formed by invading particles that penetrate shells, they show us how we can attain perfection through painful experience. Pearls in their many colorations, reveal their full beauty and radiance when worn against the skin. The embodiment of feminine beauty, pearls promote wisdom and happiness.


PERIDOT: Known as the evening emerald, peridot is said to have been worn by Moses for protection and brought to Europe in the Middle Ages by the Crusaders from the Red Sea, where it had been mined for over 3,500 years. Lively green peridot is the stone for inner harmony, positive feelings and for strengthening friendships.


PERUVIAN OPAL: Also known as Andean opal, this gem is rare and found only in the Andean mountains in Peru. It comes in shades of pastel pink, blue, and green, sometimes with black and brown inclusions. Peruvian opal is for creativity, relieving stress, and it helps with communication skills. A good stone for improving psychic abilities, it also helps us to face the future.


PETRIFIED WOOD: Ancient wood that has fossilized into stone. Petrified wood is a great stone of transformation. It provides support, helps with decision-making, and enables you to connect with the natural world. It has very powerful grounding energies.


PICTURE JASPER: Picture Jasper has been known to give you a strong sense of who you are, it also said to encourage creative visualization, and help with business pursuits. Picture Jasper has been called the stone of Global Awareness.


PIETERSITE: A type of tiger eye with luminous fiber-like banding in blues, golds, and reds. Pietersite is for inner guidance, willpower, and self-expression. It's also known as the Tempest Stone.


PREHNITE: A translucent stone in shades of green, yellow, white, and brown. Prehnite is a stone of unconditional love. It calms the mind while enhancing inspiration and visualization. It also helps you find your spiritual path.


QUARTZ CRYSTAL: Legends from around the world surround this gem. Quartz has been called crystallized light, petrified ice, angel tears and teardrops of Isis. Used universally as the emblem of purity, strength, power and healing. Buddhists use quartz to achieve enlightenment. It opens up all chakras and is considered the ancestor of the gem world. Quartz crystal is the most versatile and positive of stones. Today, Native Americans still put quartz in every newborn baby's cradle.


RAINBOW JASPER: A type of jasper that spans all the warm colors of the rainbow: red, orange, gold, and brown. Rainbow jasper is great for focus, easing stress, and balance. It's also a very good grounding stone.


RAINBOW OBSIDIAN: Volcanic glass with a rainbow sheen. This is a great protection stone, especially for very sensitive people. It shows that there is hope and healing when the world seems to be dark and full of despair. Rainbow obsidian also replenishes heart energy. It strengthens good relationships and dissolves unhealthy ones.


RED-WHITE JASPER: A rich red jasper with some agate banding. Red and white jasper is for fairness, justice, and good health.


RHODOCROSITE: Watermelon pink with white swirls, this is a love-attracting stone of the highest power. Rhodocrosite symbolizes openness, self-knowledge and awakens our creativity and all-embracing love.


RHODONITE: In antiquity, rhodonite was given to travelers as a protective stone. Believed to be a stone of change, it symbolizes self-realization and helps us make the right decisions on new beginnings in life. Pink rhodonite with its dark inclusions also protects against all kinds of anxieties.


ROSE QUARTZ: Since the Middle Ages, rose quartz has been considered a love charm, gently permeating one with love for others. A universal love stone, it attracts love and admiration, helps to strengthen self-image and self-improvement and to realize one's full potential. Soothing, calming qualities also help to heal the heart.


RUBY: The ancient Greeks called it the mother of all gemstones for its beauty, love and rarity. It is said that ruby combines sensual and spiritual love creating divine love in crystallized form. As a good luck stone of love, ruby encourages sensitivity and harmony in relationships.


RUBY ZOISITE: Green zoisite growing together with ruby crystals. This rare and unusual stone is for vitality and individuality. It stimulates the mind and psychic abilities. Also known as anyolite.


RUTILATED QUARTZ: When tiny needles of silver or gold color are found in quartz, they make attractive gemstones known as rutilated quartz, also popularly known as Maiden's hair or the hair of Venus. A powerful healing stone with a stepped-up positive energy. Said to contain the light of the sun, it stimulates the wearer's self-healing powers and promotes a calming effect on the psyche.


SAPPHIRE: A precious stone of truth, wisdom and faith. Since the Middle Ages, sapphire has symbolized the tranquility of the heavens, bestowing peace and divine blessing upon the wearer.


SELENITE: Often found as a clear or white mineral with a silky shine, selenite is for clarity of mind. It enhances telepathy, instills deep peace, and improves insight. Selenite has been used to decorate music boxes and fresco paintings since antiquity.


SERAPHINITE: A dark green stone with white feathery patterns, seraphinite is found only in Russia. It has a very high spiritual vibration, so it is excellent for enlightenment and healing. Seraphinite is said to have a special connection with angels. It helps you to find peace and fulfillment.


SERPENTINE: An opaque stone that ranges from yellow to green to brown. Serpentine is for wisdom, longevity, and creativity. It's helpful for meditation and it makes you feel more in control of your life.


SILVER LEAF JASPER:Silver Leaf Jasper is known to keep your energy level high, provides protection and healing, and encourages willpower.Also protects you from negative influences , and is used to promote independence and discipline. Jasper has been used by all cultures from China to Russia including Native Americans.


SMOKY QUARTZ: In antiquity, it was used as a protective stone with very strong healing powers. Smoky quartz helps to renew strength and overcome grief; it grounds and clarifies, enabling one to change negative behavior, eliminate the deadwood and begin anew.


SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN: Black obsidian with small gray snowflake patterns. Snowflake obsidian balances the mind, body, and spirit. It helps ease anger, resentment, and loneliness. It also helps you to recognize and release unhelpful behavior patterns.


SODALITE: In ancient Greece, artists and singers carried sodalite as it was believed to promote inspiration and creativity while also providing protection. This dark blue stone with white streaks of calcite is believed to be ideal for spiritual harmony.


SPINEL: Often found as a brilliant red crystal, the ruby-like spinel is great for energy renewal. It enhances positive aspects of your personality, and it aids in achieving success. The Crown Jewels contain two of the most famous spinels in the world.


STROMATOLITE: The earliest known fossil. Stromatolites are for transformation, temperance, and steadfastness. They're great for past-life meditation, relieving stress, and emotional healing.


SUGILITE: New to the gemstone world as it was discovered in 1944 by a Japanese scientist, this lovely purple stone is believed to have comprehensive healing powers. It is a protective stone for sensitive people and symbolizes self-control; sugilite also helps us in new beginnings. Effective on all the chakras.


SUNSTONE: A warm-hued feldspar with sparkling inclusions, sunstone symbolizes joy of life. It promotes happiness, empowerment, and confidence.


TIGER'S EYE: Its beautiful shimmer and play of golden light over its surface gives tiger's eye an amazing liveliness--a cat's eye effect called chatoyancy. It has been sought after and used in jewelry as it is said to heighten concentration and help to ease headaches and migraines; also said to be an effective healing stone for bronchial problems and asthma.


TOPAZ: Rosy gold, deep yellow, golden brown and aqua blue are among the most popular and valuable colorations of this stone. One of the royal stones in the gem world, topaz comes from the Sanskrit word for fire and symbolizes the joy of life. Its wearer should take delight in the world and embark on a path of self-realization.


TOURMALINE: The rainbow of gemstones, tourmalines come in an amazing variety of colors and are extremely positive to work with. The stone is electrostatically charged when rubbed. Rubelite promotes selfless love and is healing for the heart. Green tourmaline is great for harmony and balance. Blue aids with inner peace and clarity. Black reflects negativity and evil back to its source. Watermelon (pink and green) balances, regenerates and heals.


TOURMALINATED QUARTZ: has inclusions of black tourmaline which form prismatic crystals. Known as a harmonizing stone, it creates balance between the two poles of yin and yang, the female and male principles. A marvelous stone for new and harmonic beginnings and for difficult partnerships.


TURQUOISE: One of the first gemstones to be mined, turquoise was a sacred stone for ancient Egyptians and Native Americans. It has long been used as a powerful protection stone against harm, an amulet for travelers and a good luck stone; also believed to protect from fears and nightmares. Some of the most amazing turquoise is found in Arizona.


TURITELLA FOSSILS: A mixture of agate and fossilized sea creatures. Turitella fossils symbolize millions of years of wisdom. They provide strong protection and help you to overcome fears.


UNAKITE: Also known as epidote, this speckled green and salmon-colored stone conveys the symbol of what comes together belongs together. It is believed to encourage patience and is considered a powerful friendship stone. One who carries unakite will find things that have been lost.


VOGESITE JASPER: A rare jasper originating from South Africa. It's a multi-colored blend of jasper and chalcedony, with swirls of green, gold, red, white, and brown. Vogesite jasper is for deep emotional healing, wisdom, support, and guidance throughout your entire life.


WULFENITE: A yellow, orange, or brown mineral with tabular crystals. Wulfenite helps you to accept both the positive and negative aspects of life. Being too far into either side will throw your life off balance. This is also a great stone for vitality and rejuvenation.


ZEBRA JASPER: A type of jasper with bold dark and light stripes. It can occur in a wide range of colors. Zebra jasper is for motivation, stability, and centering. It energizes you and helps you to see both sides of an issue.


ZIRCON: The clear variety of zircon, when cut and polished, has the brilliance and hardness of a diamond. As a healing stone, zircon exhibits spiritual properties and can also ease tensions and clarify mental thoughts.


ZOISITE: Believed to be a fertility stone for men and women as well as a protective stone for pregnant women, zoisite was discovered in the 19th century. Its highly sought blue variety is called tanzanite and was only discovered in 1967 near Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

Gemstone Folklore

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